Catching up . . .

Workbench – you can see the top !

Had a “happy” morning catching up with jobs in the garage. With the arrival of Covid and consequent isolation we fell into the mood of business being cancelled “for the duration” as we used to say, 82 years ago. The workbench became the repository for all sorts of odds and ends largely arising out of the great increase in items coming via mail order, the only practical way of living in the circumstances. The mail order couriers must have made a bomb in the last 15 months or so – it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good, and the cardboard recyclers must be nearly overwhelmed I should think.

It has taken several days to get this far because as so often happens you can’t sort this out before you’ve sorted that out, so you end up doing far more jobs than those involved in clearing the bench. And the non recyclable wheelie bin has played its part in this.


Batley and Spen. NB : “Spen” refers to the river of that name.

The Guardian is making much of the Labour bye-election win in Batley and Spen. The media always do this, and from one bye election influenced by the affairs of the moment which will be overtaken by other issues tomorrow they predict with a great air of certainty what will happen at the next General Election, and many other things beside. Having lived through many of these events, one becomes rather tired of all this hysterical nonsense. It is all a part of the many influences, media driven, which dissociate people from their political processes and constantly nibble away at the idea of democracy. I am glad that Ms. Kim Leadbetter got in, but sorry that her success has been utilised in this way.

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