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We have just had Mrs. Sturgeon on the TV giving her 12.15 pm Covid briefing. She only does these now (I think) when there is some change in the situation. She is very good IMO – sometimes teeters on the edge of verbosity but as she proceeds you realise she is only bashing home what she thinks is important. 

In summary . . . 

there has been and still is a sharp rise in the number of infections to equal or surpass previous “highs” 

the increases have arisen since the relaxation of official rules on 9th August  last

many of the new patients are young people 

young people have responded very well to the opening of vaccination to their age groups, but inevitably as yet, there are many more young people who have not yet been done, and most of those vaccinated have only had one dose. 

infections in vaccinated people are in general less severe than in the unvaccinated 

overall the number of people vaccinated in Scotland must be accounted a remarkable success story, and because of this there are at the moment no plans to reintroduce higher levels of restriction such as those we have just left behind. But this does not alter the fact that the situation demands continual attention, and it is quite possible that restrictions will have to come back. 

She ended by yet again admonishing people to sick with the hygiene rules and to wear face masks indoors or in crowded places. 

This last point is, I think, the weak link. Driving through KBT there can be plenty of people about thronging the pavement and looking in shop windows. They do not keep any social distancing, nor do they wear masks, and I don’t see people putting masks on when they go in, or being seen to be wearing them as they emerge from shops.


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