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Things are very quiet here. The Omicron variant of Covid is the main news – a duo of reminders that “we don’t know much about it yet but everyone is working hard on it” – and – “it might yet turn out to be terrible so keep the precautions going”. We tuned in to Mrs Sturgeon’s briefing yesterday and as usual the BBC twerps were more interested in chatting to each other about what Mrs Sturgeon might say, than switching her on to hear what she actually did say. She gave her usual detailed account of statistics so far and then took account of Omicron and what they are doing about that. She was instantly followed by Douglas Ross who has nothing useful to say but takes a long time in the saying of it.

Because there is a chance that we might have visitors after Christmas we took Mrs Sturgeon’s advice and asked our local Pharmacy if they had any Lateral Flow Test kits. They said they had run out, were hoping to get some more, but didn’t know when. So people are evidently making use of them.

I have ordered and had delivered some bone conducting head sets (not cheap items) and they have been delivered and are sitting I our porch while the Covid viruses fall off. We usually leave things for a week or so before we open them up.

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