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We are living in strange times. It is not unheard of to have a newspaper criticising a Prime Minister, but here we have The Guardian writing an editorial piece on the assumption that the Prime Minister is a liar who deceives Parliament. We all know this is true, but usually papers are a little more circumspect. Now, increasingly, Johnson’s lies are being dealt with openly because they need to be and must not be left for people to assume that what he says is the truth, because he is gravely misleading people.

Here are the opening paragraphs of the editorial for today, 24th January 2022 to which I refer above . . .

“If a British minister knowingly misleads parliament, they are expected to resign as a constitutional convention. Should a minister refuse, then they could legally carry on in office, but it would be unconstitutional. Boris Johnson seems not to care. Last week, he brazenly refused to accept that the political principle should apply to him. What are the consequences of lying to lawmakers? The answer could be nothing much. That highlights a far bigger problem.

Britain is governed by a political – rather than a legal – constitution that relies heavily on conventions, and leaders with a sense of decency, to work. The dishonest and deceitful Mr Johnson is uniquely unsuited for the top job. A fish, it is said, rots from the head down. With claims of blackmail, bullying and racism, it seems so too does a political party.”

It seems that the only way to remove the man is to do so physically, and that hasn’t been done in our parliament since when ? – Cromwell’s time ?

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