Me ? I ain’t got nuthin’

Warsaw, Poland. Boris Johnson takes a question from Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk during a press conference at the British embassy after his meeting with the Polish prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki
Photograph: Leon Neal/PA
“This is not supposed to happen ! Why aren’t they cheering ?”

Perhaps for the first time ever in his life, Boris Johnson has met his match. No one has spoken to him like this before. He badly wanted to be the Prime Minister and bathe in the approval and applause of his fans as Winston Churchill resurrexit. So far it hasn’t quite happened but that is always some else’s fault. Now, a reporter in eastern Europe has nailed his foot to the floor, and, to mix metaphors, laid bare the emptiness behind the facade. This is the real Boris Johnson for the world to see. Thunderstruck. No one told him it was going to be like this.

For the record, the photo is taken from the Guardian of 1st March 2022 and can be found HERE

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