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Self – Isolation

The old news is that on this day in March 2020 we heard that people should start to keep themselves to themselves so as to hinder the spread of Covid 19. Thus began what became known as “self islation” and we have more or less stayed that way ever since. We do go out in the car from time to time, but apart from buying petrol – very little over two years – or going to the health centre or some other necessary destination, we have spoken to very few people in that time, and our explorations of our new home have been stopped. When you are in your late eighties two years wasted time is a great disappointment. Now we are in the curious situation that there is a new virus variant BA2 in circulation, it is much more easily transmitted from person to person than any version before, hospital admissions have shot up and the NHS is once again in trouble. The only saving grace of sorts is that for those vaccinated and boosted, the effects of the illness seem to be comparatively mild. But the UK Government, followed by the devolved assemblies, are removing the Covid restrictions as of next week, mixing of people is on the up, with the results already described. Two years ago there was much talk of “herd immunity” – it seems now that this is back even though it is not mentioned by that name, and the vaccination programme is the thing which has to some extent at least brought it about.



Today I heard for the first time, I think, of a Linux Operating system by the name of Zorin. I downloaded the .iso file, tried it, was pleasantly surprised, and so installed it. And here I am posting away on that very system. I you read this blog you are up there amongst the cutting edge stuff ! Its only downside is that its logo is a capital Z, which looks uncomfortably like the Z on the Russian vehicles invading Ukraine.

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