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In my experience so far, the best way to keep up to date with the situation in the Ukraine is two fold. The first is to install Telegram Messenger on your mobile phone (assuming that you have one) and also it counterpart on your laptop or computer. Then you can join “Ukraine Now – English” and “Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine” which is the Parliament of Ukraine. Through these two channels you get news from the mobile phone cameras of local people and also from official sources. And it is noticeable how non propaganderish the official sources are.

The second way is to be on Twitter and to find and follow the various Ukrainian citizens on there, and also the journalists working in Ukraine or outside Ukraine but specialising in Ukrainian affairs. I think what you get from these sources, filtered though your own judgement is much better than the BBC and the newspapers. The paper I read, The Guardian, often publishes photos which are by then, several days out of date.

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