Colonoscopy . . . Part the Fourth

It seems that meeting the Anaesthetist is passé. Yesterday I received a web based pre operative assessment questionnaire from the D&G NHS via someone/something called Ultramed – “This assessment will take 30 to 60 minutes to complete”. It sure did. It wasn’t difficult, but broken down into many sections and very detailed, and requiring a good memory, good record keeping and a fair degree of intelligence. I couldn’t help wondering if a person filling it in on someone else’s behalf – allowed for at the start – would actually be able to complete it. And it said that if you had any queries you could telephone a certain number or send an email to the given address. I tried the latter, and got an instant reply saying ‘this inbox is for colleagues only, for queries about your operation ring (number)’. The number given was a different number to the one in the letter ! So my questionnaire has gone in and we await the next instruction.

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