Colonoscopy . . . the sequel

We went up to the DGRI today to see the Surgeon, Mr Dreyer. The purpose of the trip was to make a definitive decision about surgery or no surgery in the light of the risk assessment. The result was as we expected that surgery is off the chart. Mr Dreyer thinks that the pre cancerous bit will develop very slowly so that they will keep an eye on it with an occasional scan. My anaemia seems to be under control as the iron capsules I take are being processed satisfactorily and my Haemoglobin was up to about 111 on 5 Sep so he thinks that even if I still have a bleed it is being coped with. I said that I presumed that the lesions in my colon were the source of the bleed, and he said, “In medicine nothing is certain”. Which I thought was quite profound and spoken by a man with a lot of experience under his belt. He is, incidentally, a South African, but he has not lost the accent yet. Reminds me of my flying training days when we had Rhodesians in our flight and South Africans in the flight next door.

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