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Michael Rosen

The author of this article – pinched from Facebook – is the author, Michael Rosen, members of whose family were imprisoned by the Nazis, a fact that Wikipedia does not mention – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Rosen

“Peter Hitchens challenged people (Gary Lineker in particular) to justify why Gary had said that he thought the language being used around asylum seekers/boat people (etc) was ‘not dissimilar’ (Gary’s words) to that of Germany in the 1930s.

Note: Gary said ‘not dissimilar’ ie he wasn’t claiming that it was identical. And he said 1930s, which to be clear is not the 1940s.

I’ve assembled a short checklist:

Rhetoric around citizenship and taking citizenship away from people eg Shamima Begum and Windrush generation. ‘Fremdenrecht’ is a pre-Nazi idea but adopted by the Nazis to remove German citizenship from German Jews. Removal of citizenship was called ‘Ausbürgerung’.

By repeatedly declaring people ‘illegal’ before they’ve been tried, is ‘not dissimilar’ to ‘Willensstrafrecht’ . This was a punishment for criminal intent, not the crime itself. The law was called ‘Täterstrafrecht’.

‘Madagaskarplan’ – the plan to ship Jews to Madagascar. The idea of shipping ‘unwanted’ people to other another country ‘not dissimilar’ to the Rwanda scheme.

As an aside, the press have called shipping people to Rwanda as the ‘Rwanda Plan’ or the ‘Rwanda Asylum Plan’, unknowingly imitating ‘Madagaskarplan’, perhaps? Don’t know if Ms SB has expressed it as that. Perhaps not.

Ms Braverman has used the phrase ‘cultural Marxism’ . This owes its origins to the Nazis’ word ‘Kulturbolschewismus’ though Ms Braverman may only personally know its roots to US politics.

Ms Braverman and her colleagues are engaged in some kind of culture war(s). This is ‘not dissimilar’ to the ‘Kulturkrieg’ which started before the Nazis but was very much engaged in by the Nazis.

‘60,000RM kostet dieser Erbkranke die Volksgemeinschaft auf Lebenzeit. Volksgenosse das ist auch dein Geld’ = “This hereditarily ill person will cost our national community 60,000 Reichmarks over the course of his lifetime. Citizen, this is your money.” This is an example of people seen as ‘costing us’.

Ms Braverman’s persistent labelling of migrants as criminal (and/or the ‘traffickers’) even though many migrants are granted asylum is ‘not dissimilar’ to the Nazis’ adoption of ‘Asoziale’ (noun) (‘Asocials’) which created a category of perpetual criminality in people.

The Nazi word ‘Fremdmoral’. ‘Fremd’ translates roughly as ‘alien’ . The Nazis believed that lesser, foreign people had worse morals. Suella Braverman says police chiefs have told her “that drug supply… is now connected to people who came here on small boats illegally”. “

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