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We have a son who lives and works in academia in the USA. Today he posted as follows on Facebook . . .

“The problem with all the headlines pointing out that no former President has been indicted before this, is the implication at some level that they could have been indicted but for some collective disinclination to do so. And that fuels claims that this instance is political in nature. What the headlines are missing is that no former President has been a career criminal/hustler/grifter, and that no former Presidency has been wielded like an immunity idol. Those are the things that are unprecedented.”


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Retired Clergyman, and former RAF person. Lives in Kirkcudbright, SW Scotland. One wife. Two children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren scattered across UK, Europe and the USA. Long time member of the European Movement, and latterly of the Scottish National Party. ""Here's to us; who is as good as us? Damn few, and they're all dead"
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