Rolling along . . .

DPD arrived in the rain this afternoon and delivered an enormous box with my new toy – an Orbit Rollator walker. It was struggle to get it into the house, and then another struggle to up end it and tip it out, and then to disentangle the contants and put it all together. However, all was done quite quickly once I made a start, and I was able to test drive it.

So far, I am very pleased with it. Obviously it takes up room and you have to learn how to manage things, but the overall effect of being able to get about more easily, walking much better than that achieved by the two walking sticks, and being able to carry things is a great advantage. This gadget has a basket, a tray and a seat. It remains to be seen how easy it will be to get it into the boot of a car. It runs very smoothly indoors and so a cup of drink can be carried without fear of spillage. It has brakes to hold it at will, and they can be moved into a ‘parked’ position when the whole thing becomes a very solid and steady support.

If loading it into a car and out gain proves feasible it will make my occasional visits to the shops much easier – as long as they don’t have steps.

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