Let it Snow . . .

About 11.00 am GMT
About 11.00 am GMT
About 11.00 am GMT

We awoke to this – it was forecast yesterday to be like this today – and although the temperature is supposed to be just above freezing point, the snow has remained pretty much unchanged all day. The forecast temperatures, day and night, for the next few days (I speak of Kirkcudbright) remain positive in the main and by Monday the midday temperature is shown as 5˚C.

Kirkcudbright Met Forecast for Monday, 4 Dec 23

No doubt the public roads will be well salted and clear, the side roads somewhat less so, and for us, the most difficult bit would be that between the front door and the car, so unless some emergency arises, I think we shall sit tight until nature has taken its course.

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