Marathon . . .

The DGRI on a sunny day – not like this today, alas.

Today it was the DGRI. We were up early (too early for me) and ready for our taxi at 9.50 am. The weather was wet and forecast to get wetter (Yellow Warning for Rain from the Met Office) so it was a dark and, for the driver, miserable journey. But we arrived OK and began the great trek fro the car to the main entrance, then through the vestibule ( anti Covid hand disinfecting in force) to the reception desk and then through the “atrium” to Bay 2 of Outpatients. I tried to visit a toilet on the way but the floor was flooded -as in inundated – so I gave that up as a bad job.

We had a time of waiting in front of a TV screen with Boris Johnson giving evidence – actually not giving anything of use except a pack of evasions and lies I expect – and then my OH got called and we were off to see the Dermatological Consultant, a nice lady with and oriental appearance and a name to go with it. She did an examination and decided to take some biopsies, so my OH is now considerably inconvenienced when she goes to the convenience. But these things have to be done and there will now be a lengthy wait while they do whatever they do in the Labs and come to some sort of a conclusion.

Then there was the lengthy trek back again, but fortunately our taxi was waiting and we were soon speeding home in less traffic than there was at the earlier time.

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