Storm Pia . . .

Storm Pia, Surface Pressure Chart forecast for midday on the 21st December 2023.

Looking on Facebook this morning it appears that various places roundabout us have had power cuts due to Storm Pia overnight. I remove my hearing aid at night and hear nothing at all – not even the doorbell which is right outside my bedroom door. So I heard nothing, but by the time I got up it was, and remains, no windier than many another day when we have no met Office warnings of any sort.

My OH got a letter from HMRC – Income Tax – this morning asking if she was claiming certain things – “Home Responsibilities Protection” – as far back as 1978 !!! We have a job to remember what we did yesterday, and what we have got to do today, never mind 45 years ago ! Since my OH is happily computer illiterate I have done as bidden in the letter, found out what on earth it is all about, and using an online “Checker” have ascertained that the whole thing does not apply to her. She is now worried that she ought to phone someone to ell them. I tell her that were she eligible for this protection she would apply, and if she is not she does nothing, but (and here I agree with her) she feels that doing nothing is not satisfactory and that she should do something positive.

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