Audiology . . .

Mountainhall Treatment Centre, Dumfries.

Yesterday after some searching, which disclosed that Audiology at Dumfries had two differing web sites giving different email addresses, I succeeded in getting an email through to them asking if hey were still doing their hearing aid servicing by post. They have replied and said that, yes they do, but they have checked up on me and as I have not had an audiology check up since 2018 they are going to make an appointment for me to attend. NHS Scotland comes up trumps again.

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Retired Clergyman, and former RAF person. Lives in Kirkcudbright, SW Scotland. One wife. Two children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren scattered across UK, Europe and the USA. Long time member of the European Movement, and latterly of the Scottish National Party. ""Here's to us; who is as good as us? Damn few, and they're all dead"
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