Planned Obsolescence . . .

A long article in the current Computeractive magazine tells us of the forthcoming Windows 11 operating system and what we plebs might expect fro its arrival. It points out that Microsoft are warning that some computers might not be able to handle it because their processors or graphics cards or other bits of built in kit might not be sufficiently up to date. You can check your processor HERE.

I have checked mine, an Intel Core i3 4005U and it would appear that this is one of those which at the moment will be unsupported – although there is apparently a possibility that the list of supported processors will grow as time goes by.

For my purposes a computer like this runs Linux Mint perfectly well and so hopefully I will be able to go on using it for some time yet. But there are certain programmes which run best under Windows, so if I wish to continue to make use of those I may have to purchase a new computer just to be able to run Windows 11. Very annoying. Family Historian will run on Linux under Wine, but the last time I tried it was a bit of an apology and not nearly as good as the real thing.

Such is planned obsolescence.

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