Rhubarb, Rhubarb . . .

Thompson and Morgan – Fulton’s Strawberry Surprise.

Some time last year – I forget when I ordered a rhubarb crown from Thompson and Morgan by mail order. From time to time they sent me updates on progress, or lack of it, as the delivery date slid further and further back. By that time of course we were deep into Covid and so many firms were telling their customers that orders and mailings were taking longer than usual. This far in (nearly 17 months now) “usual” ceases to mean very much. Hold ups are the new usual and we have learnt to live with them.

But – all in good time the rhubarb arrived and, not wasting any time I got it into my designated spot, watered it like mad and hoped for the best. I wasn’t too worried as it arrived in such good condition. Well, it didn’t waste much time. It soon started sending our shoots and I resolved not to pick anything this year and to let the crown get well and truly settled in its new home. But I reckoned without the rhubarb ! It has gone on producing new growth prolifically so today I decided to pick some to try, and also to relieve the clutter all over the plant. I tried a little at lunch time and it is beautiful stuff.. Stewed in Tesco lemon and lime lemonade and sweetened with golden granulated sugar. I usually use Sucralose for stewing fruit, but I do believe that sugar does something in the stewing which produces a better texture and flavour in the final result.

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