Rhododendron . . .

This, not very exciting picture, is a crop of a photo I took across the road at the 50 mm focal length setting on my Nikon DX 16 – 50 mm zoom lens. It was a day of gale, downpours and brighter intervals – aka Storm Malik. I took this during dry period, but there was not much sun. I remain amazed that the sensor in a digital camera can collect a picture of a large bush many feet away, and yet we can look at a section of it and see leaves and individual buds. And judging by what the complete photo shows there should be a splendid show in the Spring. The sad thing with the Rhodies is, that the show does not last for many days – and then the plant begins constructing next years buds.

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Retired Clergyman, and former RAF person. Lives in Kirkcudbright, SW Scotland. One wife. Two children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren scattered across UK, Europe and the USA. Long time member of the European Movement, and latterly of the Scottish National Party. ""Here's to us; who is as good as us? Damn few, and they're all dead"
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