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Over the last few days I have been running this computer on Ubuntu instead of on Linux Mint. I got on quite well with it, but I do think that the folks who prepare Linux Mint have put together what for me is the easiest and most intuitive OS for those of us who “grew up” on the various Windows versions over the years.

I also had a try with Manjaro, but again although I could manage it quite well I thought it would take some time to become sufficiently relaxed about it as to use it instinctively.

So, here I am again back on Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” and now I feel at home again ! There is no doubt that Linux Mint is a good alternative for those people who find that their computer or laptop is not able to run the new Windows 11. I have three Lenovo laptops bought from the BT Shop some years ago when they were quite cheap. They all have Intel i3 processors of a generation unable to cope (it is alleged) with Windows 11 but perfectly capable of running a Linux distro which will do everything that most people want. It is also very easy in Linux Mint to download the .iso file for whichever flavour you choose and then to format a USB stick if it needs it, and to write the .iso file to the USB in bootable form. The BIOS boot menu is easily found on these Lenovo lap tops because they provide a wee hole in which to insert a “poker” ( a paper clip straightened out does the job) and this boots the Lenovo from being shut down directly into the BIOS selection window. Even I can do it, so it must be fairly straightforward job.

Today we are “enjoying” a polar maritime airflow (forecast by the Met man yesterday evening). It is a bright sunny day with intervals of dark shower cloud from which descend sleet showers and sometimes a barrage of quite large hailstones which settle for a time before melting away.

Ducks of unknown provenance off the Skinnel Burn, Kirkcudbright. Bravely paddling about in, for them, quite tough conditions – apparently not at all concerned.
A stiff SW breeze was making the sea splash about a good deal on the shore line.

Yesterday we took the Skoda out for its health giving run and managed to get one of two pictures on a rather grey day, so they are nothing to get excited about.

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