St. George’s Day . . .

OH still suffering from bad gastric pains and discomfort all day. She will have to contact the health centre tomorrow to see what needs to be done.

Here, we had the Tesco delivery that was cancelled by Tesco last Thursday.

This afternoon we had the much vaunted National Emergency Alarm test on our mobile phones. Here are some of the things said about it beforehand published by Full Fact . . .

Ahead of the government testing out an emergency alert on every phone connected to 4G or 5G in the UK this weekend at 3pm on Sunday 23 April, we have seen bad information about the emergency alert shared thousands of times online.

Misinformation about this alert may lead to unnecessary alarm, and in some instances, may even cause people to opt out of future alerts (as many online have claimed they already have) based on incorrect information. 

They continue . . .

The government website describes the alert as “one-way” and confirms that the alert does not require the government to know any individual phone numbers. Since no data is collected by the Emergency Alert system, it isn’t possible for it to be matched with personal data collected during the pandemic.

The emergency alert test will not ‘breach GDPR’. When an alert is triggered, mobile phone masts broadcast it to every compatible phone and tablet within range. The government won’t be using your personal data, like your mobile phone number, to do this.

The alert is not an “activation signal” to activate the “pathogen in the shot”. We’ve seen claims on social media that the emergency alert test is an “activation signal” to activate the “pathogen in the shot”. This appears to be a reference to the Covid-19 vaccines. There’s no way a signal from a cell tower could “activate” a pathogen or vaccine materials including the Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr Al Edwards, associate professor in biomedical technology at the University of Reading, told Full Fact: “There is no mechanism known to physics or biology that could connect radio signals set by mobile phone data systems, to the biological or chemical materials found in vaccines.”

In the event I forgot all about it and at the witching hour I was in the kitchen getting myself some lunch as my OH was not eating. As I was packing up, she appeared in the doorway and said, “There was a most peculiar noise. I couldn’t make out where it came from. Do you think it might have been the fire alarm ?” Well, we don’t have a fire alarm, we do have smoke alarms but they usually let out a high pitched wail. I realised then what it was and reminded her that this was what we were supposed to be expecting. Looking on my phone there was a message on the screen explaining what had happened, and when I tapped the screen the message vanished. So, if it had been a real emergency I might have been none the wiser until such time as I checked my phone again, perhaps just before going to bed. My OH, who has no idea of how to operate a smart phone would be baffled if she were on her own, and I always shut it off at night, so if disaster strikes then I shall only find out as the roof falls on me.

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