Spring Booster, and after . . .

Yesterday we went down to the town to get our Covid Spring Boosters. The injection takes a fraction of a second, but the getting there and the walking about is what takes the time and for us Oldies, wears you out. About half and hour or 45 minutes afterwards I felt a bit odd and once we got home I was very sleepy, but that passed off by late afternoon and then I was fine. We had to get up at 7.00 am – unheard of for us – and I don’t think that helped very much.

Today has been a mixed bag because my OH who suffers from gastric problems a great deal complained a a more severe pain that usual all round her ribs. So, being a Saturday we (she) ventured into the unknown territory of “111”. Much making of phone calls, listening to music, waiting for answers and so on. Then just after 6.00 pm a yellow and green estate car appeared with “Doctor on Call” on the side. A large, cheerful, black, mask wearing lady came in and gave my OH a thorough going over, issued her with some cocodamol and told her to take bigger doses of Peptac. Hopefully this will ease the discomfort both for my OH and for me too.

She also reports that the site on her arm where she had her Spring Booster is sufficiently painful as to prevent her sleeping on that side. I haven’t noticed any equivalent discomfort and have not, to my knowledge, had any ill effects today at all.

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