Shingles – but not on the roof . . .

The aches and pains – severe – suffered by my OH since Saturday turned out to be Shingles. We tried telephoning our Health Centre three times on Monday morning but after an apparent reply the phone seemed to cut off, so in the end we went down their ourselves and she was fortunate to get an emergency appointment at 11.20 am, so we went back home again and turned out a second time. She saw a Doctor new to her, who examined her and pronounced that is was/is an attack of Shingles and gave her a prescription for ‘Aciclovir‘. She is taking this – 5 times per day – plus Cocodamol, but so far she has experienced very little in the way of relief.

Today is ANZAC Day, but there is very little about it that I can see in the UK Media on line. This makes me very cross and so I poted as follows on Facebook, where I picked it up because of posts by people living in Australia and New Zealand . . .

Today, 25th April, is ANZAC Day ( but from the British media available to me you’d never know it. There are references to it on Instagram on the CWGC’s posts and the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Feed, but little else originating in UK that I can see. Brings a whole new relevance to “Lest We Forget”.

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