Shingling on . . .

Today is a Bank Holiday, part of the Coronation celebrations. Where we live it is pouring with rain and has been since the early hours. It is quite nostalgic, bank holidays used to be like this when I was growing up and they became something of a joke. For those planning some sort of a “do” it will be bad news, unless they can retreat indoors. For those of use, more or less, armchair-bound it is fortunately only of passing interest.

My OH continues in the pain of Shingles. She has now had it for two weeks and said yesterday that the pain was getting worse. She has started on Amitriptyline but realised last night that she must have missed one dose which is unfortunate because she needs all the help she can get and Amitriptyline takes a while to produce results. Although I am not affected, it is awful to be with someone in continual agonising pain whilst being unable to do anything to help.

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