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The Shingles continue. Now beginning Week 9. I begin to wonder whether perhaps the Shingles as such is finished, but she is now into post herpetic pain, which alas, can go on for some time. Various ameliorative measures have been tried via the Health Centre, but as the available information on the web tells you, there is not a lot really, that can be done. The problem is the pain associated with the rash. By which I mean it is the rash itself which hurts, it is not a generalised pain, the actual inflamed spots are the things that cause the trouble. My OH often goes to lie down in the afternoon and thus sleeps through some of it which is about the best ‘treatment’ I think.

Steak Pie

A few days ago I ventured into out local butcher’s shop and bought a steak pie for myself – and very good it was too. I used to buy these quite often ‘BC’ – Before Covid’ – so this was my first step inside the door for over three years. I was not greeted with Champagne, which was slightly disappointing.

Golf Course

Where I sit at home I can see between houses roofs and trees, the Kirkcudbright golf course and one of the greens. Occasionally I see a single golfer with his or her trolley, sometimes an actual golf caddie. Sometimes, but less often, I see a dog walker. It is therefore puzzling to read on Facebook sometimes about a competition which has taken place with a number of golfers taking part. How is it that I never see these ? 40 golfers – as was mentioned on one occasion recently -would take time to get round, so even if I left the room for a short while surely I would still see some on my return. One of life’s great mysteries – the invisible golfer.

Rhododendrons and Azaleas . . .

The local Rhododendrons and Azaleas were magnificent this year. The white Rhodos seem to come out before the coloured ones, the Azaleas just seem to flower and go on flowering. The house opposite us has had a deal of tree felling and clearance done this Spring and this has exposed bushes we have never seen before – and in their turn the bushes have reacted to the sudden access of sunlight and are showing signs of flowering in a big way. Obviously the soil round here is in gardening terms ‘acid’ so this type of shrub does well. A few years back I said to our neighbour, who is a professional gardener, that I would like to make a rose bed, but he put me off and said that he thought I might be a bit disappointed by the result if I did – so I have never attempted it.

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