Suspended . . . !

Yesterday, whilst typing a response to a post my “X” account was suddenly suspended. A flurry of emails have passed to and fro since, to little effect. Odd that it says that were I to subscribe (an expensive thing to do) I could see more posts – but in fact if the subscribe notice is clicked you go back to going round in the suspended circle. I shall, like Asquith, wait and see, and although I shall miss the contacts I have made on “X” I may well just let the thing go.

About Ian

Retired Clergyman, and former RAF person. Lives in Kirkcudbright, SW Scotland. One wife. Two children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren scattered across UK, Europe and the USA. Long time member of the European Movement, and latterly of the Scottish National Party. ""Here's to us; who is as good as us? Damn few, and they're all dead"
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